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B. Smyth - Stuck (In My Head) lyrics

You, you, you’re stuck in my head
I am worry ‘bout last night, tomorrow
I’m living the moment, it’s that a living inside all
May have to put out that mercy logo
Cause tonight its show time no problem
Make sure the tables it’s full of bottles
Gonna be a packed round in …
Bagging to come and get a swagger, so I suggest that you’ve been fallow me wherever I’ll go
Stop apologizing I know that you’re sorry, I know that you want me yeah
But I’mm take this time to remind you that I ‘aint thing about it
You, you girl I remember what you say, you, you when I do that
It’s the only thing stuck in my head, in my head (you), in my head (you)
It’s the only thing stuck in my head,
You want me back, now you regret it
I do like you way you don’t forget it? (Forget it all)
You should know that you what you can …, right in that moment when your saying
You, you, what you mean with being drastic?
You move that …go ahead and cash it
When you’ll see me just won’t compass me
Yeah, sometimes you try to be …, me and girl…
Stop apologizing I know that you’re sorry, yeah

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  • Jul 12, 2013

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