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Jackson Scott - Together Forever lyrics

We talk few seconds and then its turn it to hours
I'll sing the faded in your face
We seem to know all the answers to our questions
It's bright that seems to stand in our way
As we staring to avoid they can ruin all tomorrow
Requisition in the fax, could we be save?
'cause I promise I will love you

Forever in a moment
Forever in an hour
Forever in an day

It could be work if we believe that
Hold on 'til we got through this
And try a little harder
And I surrender every thing

It's there I time I thought we making through this
There was a time I thought we're strong
There was a life with me with different possibilities
But now the life just seems different faded

As we staring out though a world and we forgot existing
The truth remain, it's nothing left to say
And all this pieces on the ground
We left these pieces all around

I never try to keep these pieces together
I never dream to be all free
I would thought for every thing
I never thought we could ever left to surrender
Ooh, ooh, ooh
And I could love you

Forever in a moment
Forever in an hour
Forever in an day

We could try to make us stronger
Work 'til we got through this
And try to lead harder
We surrender every thing
We surrender every thing

Cover: Jackson Scott - Together Forever
  • Melbourne

  • Year
  • 2013

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  • Jul 12, 2013

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