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The Sacred Animal - Achieve lyrics

So, look at everything you see and let it
Grow, your potential to perceive
Gotta make it known that
You're ready to receive what the spirits
Honed to exactly what you needed
Get it

Take back what was always up to you
Lose track of the life they gave to you
Drop the chains around your soul
This life is the only thing you own
Step back and acknowledge how you've grown
Drop the chip on your shoulder and fucking close

Put away your phones and tell me what you see
Do you feel dethroned?
Are you left with misery?
Find your way back home
Think of what we could achieve if we gave our
All to the things we'd love to see
Do you get it?

As the officer entered the scene
He asked everyone what did they see
But no one could offer anything
Cuz they're always looking

Mystic night, show me light
And watch over me to make sure I'm alright
Give me sight, help me fight
These fierce inhibitions that hinder my plight

It's the life we're making
That will light our way

And the time we're wasting
Is all we can repair
It's the life we're making
That will save us from despair

  • Year
  • 2013

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Jul 12, 2013

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