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La//haine - Gagarin lyrics

I wish I could make you see from my own eyes
What surrounds me right now
For all of these recurring images won't die
If they'll find a way home

Did you know the stars all speak in different tongues, my love?
Did you know I found a way to decode them all?

Oh they, all gathered to pray
Lost, and frozen into space

Don't ask me to lie there's no God in the sky
As I'm making my way to the moon
Deep in my mind I have found a new light
An ambition that's leading me home

Breaking the hourglass may our logic bend
As I'm spinning downwards hypnotized
A hole in the atmosphere through which you will see me pass
The flicker of life leaving my eyes
There where the frozen sea extends into an endless wave
Please promise me that you won't cry
Will you just come with me where I could make you see
There's nothing to cry for nor to fear?

It's over me in such a different way

Cover: La//haine - Gagarin
  • Moon

  • Year
  • 2013

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  • Jul 12, 2013

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