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Iona Marshall - Aquamarine lyrics

Will you walk with me through the valley
Of my mind
It's a hary place when I fall
Hard as the Autumn rain

Will you talk about hope through the ragged
Veil of a stormy night
Should the North star fade
And we loose all sight
Of the Golden page

You know that I know you are no fool
To dear life
I've made enough wishes blown umpteen kisses
Of dear life
I know that you know we'll feel the same
About dear life
I've made enough wishes you'll catch my kisses
Blowing in the South Easterly

Will you climb with me up my mountain
Side high
Enough to take flight over a perfect sound
Hot as the dawn of time
Will you sleep with me in the outdoors
Of my mind
Where the Atlantic bangs to our beating hearts

Cover: Iona Marshall - Aquamarine
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  • 2011

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  • Jul 5, 2013

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