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Strength In The Struggle - Moving Forward lyrics

They say we all have our demons
Well this is you hearing mine
I'm bitter and broken
Waiting for the bells to toll
As the emptiness
Consumes my soul

Open your eyes and realize
You are the one who controls your own life
And if you continue to blame yourself
And feel sorry for yourself

It'll be the same shit, different day

You need to find the strength
The strength to live this life day by day
Always know there's better way

So how do I get through this?
Can I do this on my own?

So you think your life isn't worth it
You think the struggle is to much
You're alive for a reason
Embrace it
Live it up

Face your struggles
It's what makes you who you are
And once you come to terms with that
You'll realize life isn't that hard

Even though I've been through so much
I need to just let it go
Someday I will see things differently
Maybe someday I will change
I'll never change

Moving forward
Always moving forward
I have finally found the meaning in moving forward

I'm moving forward

So look ahead
Look to the sky
No matter what lays ahead
Keep your head held high
Never forgetting the times of my past
That made me who I am today

  • Release
  • Welcome To The Struggle

  • Year
  • 2013

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Jul 5, 2013

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