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Of Atlantis - Perceptions lyrics

It takes a man to see you cry, I feel like dying inside
At each tear, my heart feels punctured by one knife
Remember me as the one, who'll never bring you down
But sometimes it feels like the blood,
Dripping through my veins, is suddenly freezing

And I stare at the world
A desolate world, I'm sitting here all alone
Tell me where are we going
Answers are out of sight so
I'll be your eyes tonight
So I don't have to watch you cry
If love prevails, we can rise (we will rise)
With no tears in your eyes

Our hopes will die after us
We won't be left here in the dust
I can see your eyes, they're guiding me
Through this world of pain
I will unchain our fate
For heaven's sake, hear me out please
We could now be how we want to be
How we want to be
We will never die

I see facedown:
They lived to take us down
But they won't, no
Til' the day I die
On you, I'll keep my eyes

  • Year
  • 2013

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  • Jun 30, 2013

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#2 Daily Metal

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