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Scare Don't Fear - Destroy lyrics

It's the evacuation
For better things to come
Caught in a rush, its about to get rough
So take a step back, cause we're ready to crush

Coming through hands swinging
Someones bound too bleed
Somebody said they gon bring it
They can't fuck with me
I'm a Juggernaut
Mistook me for an underdog
Clear the fog
Back up mothafucka I'mma break you off
We've all paid the cost
I'm just like everyone else (Yea, Yea)
We are demons sent to drag this world to hell.
I'm just like everyone else (yeah)
No second guessing or reminiscing

It's coming down
I'm blazing now
They gon feel the heat
They they gon feel the heat

Bang, everything go down the drain
In the air you can feel the change
Venom coming out the fangs
Feels like

Bang, the moment of uncertainty
Emergency, code burgundy
Restructure your anatomy

When I bang
See if you sleep thru the night
A flash thru your window so bright
You'll probably wake up blind
From that bang, from that bang
Ain't a thing

We are not to be fucked with
Come and find out what I'm bout
Give me a reason to blow your mind out find out
You snakes are not to be trusted
Come and find out what I'm bout
Gimme a reason to blow your mind out, find out

  • Year
  • 2013

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Jun 30, 2013

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#5 Daily Metal

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