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DJ Mutante vs. DJ Plague - Fuck It All lyrics

Fuck it all

Are you fucking sick of it all
The bullshit
The backstabbing wankers and attention whores
All the lying cheating wannabees out there
Looking hard when you know you could eat their shit for breakfast
Well I got something to say


Fucking, fucking fuck it all [?x]

You fucking dickhead
I'm fucking sick of your fucking bullshit
Snorting lines off of mirrors
Fucking shit up
'Cause you're a fucking idiot
You fucking cock sucker mother fucker
I'll fucking stick my foot up your fucking ass
Fuck you

This is what makes a scene fucking bullshit
Is your fucking bullshit
And that makes everything else bullshit
Fuck you, motherfuckers

Fuck you [?x]
Motherfucker [?x]

Fuck the internet
Fuck facebook
Fuck [...]
Fuck myspace
Fuck e-mail
Fuck twitter
And fuck you

You fucking idiots coming around to fucking sit on the dancefloor and bring your cocks out and wave them around with every other guy on the dancefloor
Fuck you

Fucking, fucking fuck it all [?x]


Fucking die
Fuck it all
Fuck you

Backstabbing wankers
Fuck you

That's it
Fuck it all
Fuck you
Fuck fuck fuck
Fuck it
That's it

You too sucks
Cover: DJ Mutante vs. DJ Plague - Fuck It All
  • The Fuck EP

  • Year
  • 2011

  • Genre

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#1 Daily Terror/Speedcore

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