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Imperia - Kill Or Be Killed (Thorax Remix) lyrics

Whenever I've read that bumper sticker, I've had to laugh
Save the planet

What for?
And from what?
From ourselves?
Life's simple
Kill or be killed
Don't get involved, and always finish the job
It all sounds great until the day you finds yourself confronted by a choice
A choice to make a difference, to help someone
Or to walk away and save yourself
I learned something that day
You can't always walk away
Too bad it was the day I died

Stop, this is a remix

Too bad it was the day I died

Save the planet [2x]

Cover: Imperia - Kill Or Be Killed (Thorax Remix)
  • Kill Or Be Killed

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  • 2011

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kickAD 10 years, 8 months ago
Pretty good first lyric!
But, if there is an official video or one posted by the artist, try to add it
If not, an unofficial one will do, just helps in approving and is nice for viewers

Mark repetitions rather than just re-writing it, it's easier for you and on the eyes

Thanks in advance :)
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