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Tensor & Re-Direction - Let's F*ck lyrics

Do-do-do you know me?

He shot my dick off (dick off [3x])

You can't solve all the world's problems with a shotgun (a shotgun [?x])

Let's fuck

Is there another way out?

Your blood

Okay, I think I'm ready

Why don't you get up beggar and beg me for your fucking life?
I'm going to wash this blood off with your blood
- Get away from me!

Do you fucking see me?
Do you fucking hear me?
Do you fucking feel me?

- Slick! [3x]
They're in there!
Do you need any back-up?
I could join your gang
- Shut up Otis
Now fucking beat it
You're pissing me off
Let's fuck

- No
He made me come!
Oh my God!
- What the fuck is going on in there?

My bo.. my whole body hurts, dad
- Let's fuck

He shot my dick off
Cover: Tensor & Re-Direction - Let's F*ck
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#4 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

From the movie 'Hobo with a Shotgun' (2011)

3 lyrics with the source Hobo with a Shotgun
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