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Frazzbass - Cocaine Driller Fucker lyrics

I think you're a rich motherfucking motherfucker, who owes me a fucking shitload of motherfucking cash!
That's what I think, you rich motherfucking motherfucker
You want some blow, motherfucker, you bring me my motherfuckin' cash, motherfucker!
Fuck you!
-Jesus fucking Christ, Rupert, don't get so tense
I'll show you tense motherfucker!
You're in to me for a fuck load of money!
And I think you, and your motherfucking rich kid friends, are gonna take off to all your rich assed motherfucking lives, leaving me holding my motherfucking dick

Fuck you! [3x]

You want some coke?
Then buy some of your own, bitch!
Cover: Frazzbass - Cocaine Driller Fucker
  • Masters Of Speedcore CD

  • Year
  • 2006

  • Genre

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  • Jan 27, 2008 by Imil

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#3 Daily Frenchcore

From the movie Rules Of Attraction (2002).
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