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Cubic Nomad - Earth 2 lyrics

In the grand history of the cosmos
More than thirteen thousand million years old
Our Earth is replicated elsewhere
But maybe there is another way of seeing this world
If any small variation arises-they look this way
You look that way-suddenly maybe everything changes and now you begin to wonder, what else is different?
Well, one might say that you have an exact mirror image
That is suddenly shattered and there's a new reality
And therein lies the opportunity and the mystery
What else?
What new?
What now?

Underide civilian travel to Earth 2
Keith, with all the risks and all the unknowns
Why are you doing this?
And I think governments should be [...]
And I don't think we shall automatically ban average citizens from being the first to see this new world

Cover: Cubic Nomad - Earth 2
  • Earth 2

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  • 2012

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Top achievedBETA
#4 Daily Ambient/Chillout

Taken from Another Earth (2011).

This product is 100% ecological.
The sleeve and flyer are made of recycled paper. Mastering by DaGooseMusic.nl, Holland's first and only 100% eco friendly studio. 70% of the energy used by the pressing plant is created by solar panels, the remaining 30% is green energy.
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