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Alex Kidd - Stateside lyrics

Oh my gosh
This is like so f**king ridiculous right now
I mean
When I went to the UK and like I heard this music
I f**king like creamed in my pants
This is freaking ridiculous
I mean, we don't have this kind of shit in America
I mean, we got like you know
Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa
Yeah, black and yellow, black and yellow

I mean, we don't have anything like this
I mean, girls totally, seriously go nuts for guys with that British accent
That like f**king gentleman swagger
And f**king you know, I mean, I mean
I'm in California and I'm in f**king Los Angeles
Shit, I mean, girls get bored
I mean, who the fuck is this Alex Kidd dude?
He's just insane
Oh my gosh, this kid, he just takes it to another level
It makes me quiver

I can't get enough of all this bang, bang, bang, and rave, rave, rave
This is so f**king amazing, so totally f**king different
And, uh, yeah, I'm definitely gonna bring my girlfriends over here
We're gonna get down to this down
Heck, we already are down

Cover: Alex Kidd - Stateside
  • Kiddception (The Album - Mixed By Alex Kidd)

  • Year
  • 2012

  • Genre

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#3 Daily Hardtrance

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