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Alex Kidd - Stateside lyrics

Oh my gosh
This is like so fucking ridiculous right now
I mean
When I went to the UK and like I heard this music
I fucking like creamed in my pants
This is freaking ridiculous
I mean, we don't have this kind of shit in America
I mean, we got like you know
Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa
Yeah, black and yellow, black and yellow

I mean, we don't have anything like this
I mean, girls totally, seriously go nuts for guys with that British accent
That like fucking gentleman swagger
And fucking you know, I mean, I mean
I'm in California and I'm in fucking Los Angeles
Shit, I mean, girls get bored
I mean, who the fuck is this Alex Kidd dude?
He's just insane
Oh my gosh, this kid, he just takes it to another level
It makes me quiver

I can't get enough of all this bang, bang, bang, and rave, rave, rave
This is so fucking amazing, so totally fucking different
And, uh, yeah, I'm definitely gonna bring my girlfriends over here
We're gonna get down to this down
Heck, we already are down

Cover: Alex Kidd - Stateside
  • Kiddception (The Album - Mixed By Alex Kidd)

  • Year
  • 2012

  • Genre

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#2 Daily Hardtrance

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