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Alex Kidd - Love Of Loops (Original Mix) lyrics

I remember the day I first heard electronic music
I knew back then this illegal computer sound was gonna be my call
My heart got hooked on 4 by 4 beats
When house took his journey with Jack Chicago and Acid House

Now my heart is hooked forever
It's in my soul, in my veins
On my mind 24/7
Don't care if it's jazz, soul, tech, minimal, funky, vocal or hip-house
Name it, I love it

I don't understand people who are satisfied with ordinary pop music
They just listen to whatever radio stations decide they should like
Followed by an overkill of ring tone commercials meant for kids
And my god, they like it!

Some people even think that house clubs are for weirdos only!

Maybe they're right, maybe we are weird
Maybe this music is weird and maybe the clubs are overrated
But we're in this together, we're in this for the love of beats
For the love of loops [?x]

It's in my soul

Its all about the house music and it always has been
If you're in the scene, being a DJ seems like a natural path to follow
Ha, and back in the days DJ's were weird people who liked music in a weird way
Back then you would have to be a nerd to become a DJ

It sickens me
If you're not in it for the love of the music, would you please fuck off
I hate those smart asses who think that DJing is an easy way to get laid
Well, get a life

I wonder what house would be like in the future
Wonder what the clubs would be like
Now that technology has taken over the DJ world
What will the DJ be like in the future
Let's just hope that house music will keep its soul
Let's just hope that DJ's will keep their skin
But actually I don't give a shit
We don't give a shit
Because it's not about how you do it
But why you do it
Its all about the house music and it always will be (will be [?x]) [2x]

For the love of loops [?x]

Cover: Alex Kidd - Love Of Loops (Original Mix)
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