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Riot Squad - Boriqua Bitch lyrics

Let me ask you something Juanita, did you fuck Julio?
I'm sorry
That fucking guy you bitch I can't fucking believe you fucked my best friend
you know what the fuck you are?
Puta [?x]


What the fuck you're doing on your knees huh
You think you just give me head and I'm suppsosed to forget about everything
You got to fuck around
You know what I should do
I should fucking sit and let you fucking give me head
And right before I'm about to come
pull out my fucking pingel and piss all over your face

Puta [?x]

Bitches ain't nothing [..]
And on your deathbed your girl is doing your best friend
Cover: Riot Squad - Boriqua Bitch
  • II

  • Year
  • 1993

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  • Approved by Pain

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    #5 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

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