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The Speed Freak - The Return Of The Steelfinger lyrics

The motherfucking saga continues

These tricks, they useful?
-Hey, now watch!
What's that called, huh?
-The technique's called: the steel finger
The steel finger
Yeah, let me see what you can do

Come here!

What, wanna fight?
You in trouble now

Say what!

Steel finger

Playing little games?
Trying to be a hero, huh?
Try it again, you'll be a dead hero
Steel finger

You've come back to make trouble
Let's move out

Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two

Oh-ho-ho-hoooo [2x]
Fuck that
Oh-ho-ho-hoooo [2x]
Fuck that

Hahahahaha, I love being invincible

You don't quit!
Cold rocking it!
Fuck that

You don't quit!
Cold rocking it!

They challenge me, I kick their butts one by one

Skill, form, strength, power, speed, and charisma are but a few of the ingredients that make a fighter stand out among his peers
So, if you thought that all fighters were the same
Think again, and prepare to be educated
Steel finger
Round one, fight!

My style is the best

Steel finger

No one can defeat me

You don't scare me

What, wanna fight?

Ha, this battle is mine

Ha-a-a-a (?X)

Oh-ho-ho-hoooo [4x]
Don't count on what you've already learned to protect you
You must know that you still have much to learn now

Everybody was (?X)

You fool
(...) fire

You're in for some serious shit

Hey, there it is

I need no thanks for killing scum

You don't quit!
Cold rocking it!
You're a dead man

You are about to see a fight
The competents prepared themselves both physically and mentally for the duel that lays ahead of them
If you've ever seen a fight before, be it live or staged, chances are you witnessed it through film or television

Steel finger
Round two, fight!

Time for some action
Come on

Come here!
Steel finger

Kiss your ass goodbye

You're in trouble now

You are beginning to annoy me

I got in with my needle
The idiot was trying to show me how strong he was

He's capable of smashing steel with his bare hands

Cover: The Speed Freak - The Return Of The Steelfinger
  • Steel-Finger Remixes

  • Year
  • 2004

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  • Oct 11, 2012 by Imil

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