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HeWhoSexuallyAbusesCookiesButDoesNotGoBeyondSecondBase - More Uncle MCspeedcore lyrics

- (hahaha)
Oh sorry, we-we on?
- Oh yes I think we're rolling-
Oh, yea
- Now
Um, sorry
- Aight
Me have to be professional
- Okay
- Yes

- Cookie Monster?
- Welcome, thank you so much for talking to us
Oh, um, me happy to talk to you anytime

- You're probably best known for your-your eating
Thank you
- But, we've been hearing some things about you
- Apparently, you have scaled back your consumption of cookies, is this true?
That um, that not entirely true, no
- Okay, give us-
Me-me-me, me always eat cookies, me love cookies!

  • Year
  • 2012

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Top achievedBETA
#1 Daily Terror/Speedcore

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