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Impact & Resist - Breathless (Styles & Breeze Mix) lyrics

You leave me breathless [7x]

Sometimes I stand and wonder why
That in my life I didn't even try
And I know where I went wrong
If I could see I'd known it all along
Every day I would live a lie
I never dreamed, I never looked inside
All those times that I remember
All those times I used to run and hide

Someday I'll let you know
That I knew I shouldn't let you go
Each time I reach too high
I never thought that I'd ever need to show

So how can I breathe when I'm looking for an answer?
And how can I dream when I know I did you wrong, did you wrong?
Wherever life leads it will hold you up for ransom
So how can I breathe after searching for so long?

Cover: Impact & Resist - Breathless (Styles & Breeze Mix)
  • Breathless

  • Year
  • 2008

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#6 Daily Hardcore/UK

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