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Cixx vs. The Vinyl Junk & MC Syco - Fossil lyrics

What do you think is behind all this, Excellency?

Look at this
That's what we saw under the microscope
Shows the Earth as it might look from space

What does it mean?

It means that millions of years ago
Something, some form of intelligence
Came to the Earth from another planet
The atmosphere of the earth was new to it, different
But it learnt how to survive


By entering into the body and brain of an Earth creature
The fossil that I found and brought with me

And this thing from another planet survived in the fossil?
Then came to life again?


Go on, Professor

The animal that you shot was only the host
And when that animal died
The alien intelligence transferred somehow to another host
It's alive
In someone on this train

Cover: Cixx vs. The Vinyl Junk & MC Syco - Fossil
  • Party Motherfuckers

  • Year
  • 2002

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    #4 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

Sampled from the movie "Horror Express" (1972).

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