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Promo - The New Revolution lyrics

MDMA utilizes serotonin
Opiates like heroin utilize dopamine
Sort of like the same sensation you get after sex

Amphetamines increase adrenalin
cocaine gets those synapsins in the brain firing really fast

My product is 51 times stronger then cocaine
51 times more hallucigenic then acid
and 51 times more explosive then ecstasy
It's like getting a personal visit from god




Drugs, hallucinates

Tonight, we are gonna launch a new revolution
One that will rock and roll your senses!
And you, are my test pilots
You are gonna kiss the sun
and taste the motherfuckin' rainbow

Are you ready?! [3x]

Then let's get ready to party!

Cover: Promo - The New Revolution
  • The Strength Behind The Pride Vinyl

  • Year
  • 2002

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#9 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

From the movie The 51st State (2001)
arsonist 14 years, 9 months ago
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