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Robbie Taylor & Marc MacRowland Ft. Zawdi MC - State Of Mind lyrics

I provide the state of mind [2x]

Remember when electronic music
Was something you could not see on tv?
When electronic music was something so underground
It never saw the light of day?
When it was deep?
When it was raw?

Well I'll let you on on a secret
Today is the day we take it deep again
Just some blow your mind state of music
Back to when it was more than a sound, more than a fashion statement
More than a cool thing to doing
Back when if you didn't know the dance of the week
We could not care less

This is a middle finger to all the people that feed the hype
All the people that feed of the hype
This hype is the other way around
This is electronic drugs

I provide the state of mind [3x]

  • Release
  • State Of Mind

  • Year
  • 2010

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