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George Acosta ft. Emma Lock - Falling Deep (Original Mix) lyrics

Cupid shot an arrow
Like a bolt out of the blue
Lead me blind folded
Awoke this spirit I once knew

Sunlight flickers
Memories laying dormant in the mind
Baby, if you never look
Then baby you'll never find

It's these illusions
That haunt my soul
But baby when you feel it
Then baby you'll know

I'm caught between the devil
And the deep blue sea
Stuck between a rock
And a hard place, baby

Just like a boat awaiting
All tied up at the shore
I'm so held back
Baby, that's for sure

Fallen deep [2x]

Light up your beacon
Answer these questions
Turn every tear into a star
Guide me home

Now that I've fallen deep [3x]
Fallen [3x]
Fallen deep [2x]

Cover: George Acosta ft. Emma Lock - Falling Deep (Original Mix)
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  • 2011

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