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Illuminatorz - Oldschool lyrics

Listen up
Put your ears on
And stay tuned

Don't worry about the new school
This is the old school

The old school

Remember the old school days of trance
When you ain't have to worry about nothing but the music take over your body
Let that rythym sink it in your bones
Run in your veins, pulse in your blood
Make it happening live, right here right now
Taking you back to the old school, back to the original
Back to how it's supposed to be
This is my teleportation device
Everybody put your hands up
Let's go!

The old school

Don't worry about the new and the now
This is that old school sound
Put your hands up and let it take you over
I'mma transport you right now
Just me and the beat, you and your ears
Let's go!

The old school

Cover: Illuminatorz - Oldschool
  • Oldschool / Milf

  • Year
  • 2012

  • Genre

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