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MSTRKRFT - So Deep lyrics

What I want is the cream of the crop
Just what every man's vying for
But them weaker men
Knowing nothing but less
Who don't see what you are is more
They don't know that it's money they got
Cause this money don't come for cheap
Like them other girls, who go giving it up
Thinkin what they got goin' get them hearts
But you, your purity and your mind
So enlightened, so high, that you're out their league
But you should know, leave them boys with their toys, here's a man who can see.

He don't make much of you honey
But you're beautiful to me
They dont make much of you darling
But to me you are a queen

I can see them wondering
What it is about you this man loves
Break the diamonds out of their cases
I know this one is the real one because

She's got sugar on the inside
Honey so sweet that money cant buy
She's got sugar on the inside
Loving so deep it never runs dry

She's got sugar on the inside [6x]

That's what a man is looking for
Something worth fighting for

Cover: MSTRKRFT - So Deep
  • Fist Of God

  • Year
  • 2009

  • Genre

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