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The Wishmaster - Dance lyrics

I wanna see you dance

Because based off of your dance you can get what it is that you want

Whatever you want, you can get it tonight

If you're not too shy to dance
If you need a miracle tonight
Just dance!

Just dance!

I need somebody here who wants the glory back

I need to bring the glory back

If all of your bills are paid
Please don't dance
If you don't need a new job
Don't dance
If your supervisor ain't on your nerves
Don't dance
But if you need what I need
If you've been crying the way I've been crying
If you've been under attack the way I've been under attack
Then I announce the dancefloor is open!

You better forget about the folk around you!
And make up in your mind, this is my last time, I got to dance!

If you need a miracle tonight
Just dance!

Just dance!


Everybody was at the party
But the only one that got delivered was the one that wasn't ashamed to dance
My dance is my deliverance
Night and day

Just dance!

And if this is my last opportunity
Let me do my-



I wanna see you dance

Cover: The Wishmaster - Dance
  • The Third Movement: 10 Years Of Music

  • Year
  • 2010

  • Genre

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  • Jan 5, 2012 by Imil

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