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Juized - State of Matter (Original Mix) lyrics

Sin is no longer a constant past

Strive to live a life of righteousness
From out off gas to full of the spirit
As if I had visited [..]
This miraculous transformation is no longer a surprise to me
As I now understand the concept of investing wisely

Do not be deceived
God is not mocked
Once whoever man sows
That shall he also reap
He who sows into the flesh
Shall of the flesh reap corruption
But he who sows into the spirit
Shall of the spirit reap eternal life

Cover: Juized - State of Matter (Original Mix)
  • State Of Matter EP

  • Year
  • 2011

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The second strophe is from the Holy Bible: Galatians 6:8.
I think the first is also from the Bible, but I couldnt find any source.

cakezz 8 years, 5 months ago
I think the first line is correct, also, I think it's missing an a before 'constant'.
Thanks for the help!
Pain 8 years, 5 months ago
Touched up the second paragraph, couldn't make out one word.
I'm also not sure about that first line.
Va fan, intrige!
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