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Ace Ventura - Baby Boom (Sunstryk Remix) lyrics

The point is
Ultimately, is there is only spirit, nothing but spirit
You can call it anything you want, by either way you can call it, you know
Brahma or, the divine or, Budda, nature, or emptiness
Or whatever, you know, floats your boat
But there is only the one, there is only spirit
And everything else, is an illusion

Because the truth is, you don't become at one with anything
There is only the one

There are two things to unify or get close or merge or entangle
Or to look and realize they're the same, there's, there's only the one

But when we see it from a deeper place, a simpler place
But then we see, also, everything that seems so different and unique
Is actually the manifold expressions of one

The unique expressions of one
The amazing diversity of one

The one

And everything else, is an illusion

It's quiet down deep
Koro needed quiet
He just wanted to go down and down

(It's quiet down deep)
(Koro needed quiet)
(He just wanted to go down and down)

Cover: Ace Ventura - Baby Boom (Sunstryk Remix)
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  • 2010

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  • Oct 8, 2011 by Pain

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Female voice near the end is taken from the movie 'Whale Rider' (2002)

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