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I:Gor - Pump It Up lyrics

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Pump it up
Homeboy, just don't stop!
Go ahead!

Pump it up

Pump it up-up

Go ahead!

Yo, the boy's dope
Get my DJ
Uh, fuck me

Talk like a champion (4X)

Cover: I:Gor - Pump It Up
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  • 2005

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  • Aug 5, 2011 by Imil

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#1 Daily Frenchcore

2 lyrics with the source Buju Banton - Champion
1 Dione Time Bomb Hardcore/Gabber 2012
kickAD 9 years ago
Also, I hear "talk like a champion" which leads me to some weird rasta video on YT:

Buju Banton - Champion

The first time he says it doesn't sound like the track, but then he puts that weird gasp at the end the second time and I really think it matches.
@ 0:44

Cheers again xD
kickAD 9 years ago
Pretty sure it's "Pump it up homeboy --- just don't stop"
Which matches beastie boys - hold it now, hit it

@ about 2:39

Pretty sure it's a match, but yeah.
Just didn't wanna edit yo lyric this time. :P

Cheers :)
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