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Bonehead - Love Song lyrics

Fuck what I said, it don't mean shit now
Fuck the presents, might as well throw 'em out
Fuck all those kisses, they didn't mean jack
Fuck you, you hoe
I don't want you back
Fuck you, you hoe [x4]

I hate you [x?]

Shut up
F**king bitch
I hate you (shut up!)
I hate you (shut up!)
I hate you!



I hate you

I f**king hate you
I f**king-I f**king
I f**king hate you [x2]

I f**king hate you [x8]
I'm sorry man
Sometimes when it's over, it's just over

Cover: Bonehead - Love Song
  • TerrorNoize Industry E.P. 4

  • Year
  • 2006

  • Genre

  • Source / Sample

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  • Approved by Imil

    Top achievedBETA
    #3 Daily Terror/Speedcore

Ending comes from the film "Just Married"
Predaking 8 years ago
its actually Eamon - Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back) :p
Thanks for the help!
Darky0399 8 years ago
Ooh. I guess I should never doubt the lyricsMaster :o
Imil 8 years ago
I used the released version to verify instead of a random youtube video... it's not there in the original version.
Darky0399 8 years ago
Hmm... Where's the first part of the song gone ?
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