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B-Twinz - Chainsaw Sounds lyrics

When my toddler hears a strange noise
He'll say: "Mom, what does that sound look like?"
His amusing phrasing innocently mixes sight and sound
But now a study in the journal Nature Neuroscience suggests that the brain actually links the audio with the visual
Because simply seeing a vase shatter activates the part of the brain that handles sound

If I asked you to imagine a rooster crowing
You'd probably hear the
In your head
But what's happening in your brain?
We know which brain regions handle sound waves that come in through your ears
Are the same areas active when you simply imagine the sound?

Scientists placed volunteers in an MRI scanner and showed them a series of nine silent videos
The clips showed things like the breaking vase
A cow mooing or a violin being played

And in the subjects' brains, the auditory cortex—which handles sounds—was not only activated by the sights, but it would categorize them. So the patterns of activity that represent a howling dog and a chainsaw were distinct

That means that Hamlet could hear the difference between a hawk and a handsaw—even if he only saw them

Thanks for the minute
For the scientific Americans, sixty seconds science by Karen Hopkin
Cover: B-Twinz - Chainsaw Sounds
  • Sunshine EP

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  • 2011

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