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Promo - No Regrets (Thank You) lyrics

If I never recorded another song
If I was wrong, and nothin' I spitted was ever strong
If I never perform at another venue
If this genuine love doesn't continue

If none of my records was ever sold
If I fold, and I never see platinum or even gold
If nobody ever again can recall, if I stalled
And start workin' part time at the mall

If theres no more shows for be to dabble in
No more travelin'
If none of my songs that ever been never spin
In heavy rotation ever again

If theres never a chance again to be seen
On the pages inside of another magazine
If the luxuries in life I can't of course or afford
If I never win the Billboard or the Source award

I wouldn't want ya pity or ya sympathy
I release I'm still a part of history
See I got a lot of love for what I do in life
And after this I'm then I'ma find somethin' new in life

I guarantee you it be somthin' that I really love
I give thanks for my life to God up above
That I'm blessed to have a job that I enjoy doin'
And now as a man doin' what I was a boy doin'

The only difference is now I get to eat from it
I never though I would be known on the street from it
And if not one fan that shows gratitude
And if they see me they walk by with an attitude

And of course to all of my past label mates
Y'all keep on risin'
(Y'all keep on risin')
This goes out to you

And everybody in the game I ever worked with
And all the chicks up in the game I used to flirt with
But if I never get another piece of show Cochin
See no more Louis Vuitton or no Gucci

No more suede and linen
No more designer denim
No more Jeeps with 1,000 watt systems in 'em

No more Lexus, Coups, Beamers and Benzes
No more chains and bracelets, and no baguettes
But for what its worth y'all, I got no regrets

I got no regrets

Thank you

Cover: Promo - No Regrets (Thank You)
  • No Regrets (Thank You)

  • Year
  • 2011

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No Regrets is a gift that Promo made for all his fans and to thank everyone for their support. You can download this song for free for a limited time through his Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/djpromo.nl

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