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Redmore - Your World Is Not Real lyrics

I wish, I wish more than anything, but
I can't imagine you with all your complexity
All your perfection, all your imperfection
You alright?
Look at you
You're just a shade

Are you going to kill me?
I'm waiting for someone
Someone from a half-remembered dream
Cobb? Impossible
We were young men together
I'm an old man
Filled with regret
Waiting to die alone, huh?
I've come back for you
To remind you of something
Something you once knew
That this world is not real
To convince me to honor our arrangement?
To take a leap of faith, yes
Come back, so we can be young man together again
Come back with me
Come back

Come back

Cover: Redmore - Your World Is Not Real
  • Metempsychosis

  • Year
  • 2011

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  • Apr 1, 2011 by Pain

From the movie 'Inception' (2010)
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