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Seba & Paradox - Last Goodbye lyrics

No I don't want to believe
That it's all lost
Well it's been
Long long road
To where you used to live

Hold my breath in the falling rain
All my life have to start once again
All the memories I pushed them away
And every time that you ask I would say
All this pressure, you know how it feels
All this words, you know what they mean
Stop this dream before it gets wrecked
One more station, your breath on my neck

Could this be our last goodbye?
Could this be our last goodbye?
Our last goodbye.

Are you still over here
I thought you'd left, gone
Let's go out
One last time
And walk where we met

I left all your pictures behind
I left all the things that were mine
Woke up and walked out the door
Cause you don't live here anymore
The stars will appear after all
And I will still talk about it some more
Cause all things must come to an end
Kingdoms come and kingdoms fall

Could this be my last goodbye?
Could this be my last goodbye?
Could this be our last goodbye?
Last goodbye.
Could this be our last goodbye?
Goodbye. Goodbye.

Cover: Seba & Paradox - Last Goodbye
  • Last Goodbye / Stone Cold

  • Year
  • 2005

  • Genre

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