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Da Tweekaz - Chew Bubblegum lyrics

What a pussy

Hey bug eyes

It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum
I'm all out of gum

Yippie ka-yay

Time for a reboot

End of the line
Last stop: total destruction

Ah, much better

Just in time


I can do this all day

Looks like we're about to reach our final destination

Let's rock

Yippie ka-yay motherfucker

Hail to the king baby
Cover: Da Tweekaz - Chew Bubblegum
  • Examination Of Time / Chew Bubblegum / Ducktool

  • Year
  • 2010

  • Genre

  • Source / Sample

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CursedAss 12 years, 12 months ago
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