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Catscan & Outblast - Putney lyrics

What I'm doing here, is good for my people
If I get results, if I save them
See, there's only victory and defeat
The winner gets to take the moral high-ground, because they get to write the history books
The loser, just loses

It's not about you
This is war, this is sacrifice
It's my responsibility
You want me to win, or you want him to win?

The only miscalculation in your plan, was me

You're so fucking selfish

There's no time [3x]

Every man, no matter how strong he is, lies to himself about something
I will find your lie, and I will break you

It's not about you

Cover: Catscan & Outblast - Putney
  • Various - The Symphony Of Sins

  • Year
  • 2010

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  • Approved by Pain

From the movie 'Unthinkable' (2010)

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