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Affix - Drop Your Fuckin' Weapon lyrics

Fuck [?x]
Fuck them!

Fuck [?x]
Goddamn it!

I'm the guy!
I know everyone!
Their habits, who they hang out with, who they talk to!
I've got phone numbers, addresses!
I know who they're fucking!
I know where they live! (What?!)

Just in the nick of time as usual
- I know you're infected, I'm taking you in
- Are you kidding me?
What's the first rule they teach you at 713, huh?
Trust your instincts, right?
You really think I'm one of these creatures?

I said drop your fucking weapon!
My guys are dying out there for nothing
For fucking nothing!
Goddamn it!


My guys are dying out there for nothing
You start gettin' excited, motherfucker!
We gotta go!

Fuck [?x]

Cover: Affix - Drop Your Fuckin' Weapon
  • Volume 1 EP

  • Year
  • 2010

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    #2 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

First break part from the movie 'The Boondock Saints' (1999)
The other break part is taken from the movie 'Alone In The Dark' (2005)
2 lyrics with the source Alone In The Dark
Pain 12 years, 4 months ago
Try adding all the lyrics next time.
+ those last two lines came from The Boondock Saints, it's not that hard to find subs for those movies that you can use for your search.
Va fan, intrige!
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