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Accelarator - Back On The Scene lyrics

I'm back on the scene

Okay, that's right [x5]

Let's get the party started

You just heard a world premiere

Okay, that's right [x4]

We know it's all good 'till a player act up
And then I back up and make the clubs packed up
I, don't drink but I'll buy the bar
Give it all to the club but, don't crash your car

(Okay, that's right) [x?]

Let's get the party started

Comin' through we got that raw
Tell me what you workin' for
We don't care about the bouncers comin' through the front door
Bounty Killer givin' you the hardcore
Everybody standin' up givin' up the encore

All my ladies up, all my fellas up

And I don't need you on my album to sell
My name rings bells, so take it to hell

Okay, that's right [x8]

Cover: Accelarator - Back On The Scene
  • Back On The Scene

  • Year
  • 2010

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#3 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

requested by Sander Wijdenes on our facebook page.
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