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East West Posse - Right Is Wrong lyrics

Right is power


Right-ri-ri ri-ri right is wrong [4x]
Right is wrong [2x]

Bass [?x]
Bass drum

I want some more bass in the place!

Hardcore! [?x]

Right is, right is, right is, right! Hardcore! [3x]

Hardcore! [?x]

Don't need no-one
That's no good for me

Right is, right is right [2x]


Bass [?x]
Bass drum

Right-ri-ri ri-ri right is wrong [3x]
Make some f**king noise!

Don't need no one
That's no good for me.

Right-ri-ri ri-ri right is wrong [8x]


  • Release
  • Terrordrome I and V - Darkside From Hell

  • Year
  • 1995

  • Genre

  • Source / Sample

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  • Approved by Pain

    Top achievedBETA
    #9 Daily Hardcore/Early

3 lyrics with the source The Prodigy - No Good
HDJVajda 9 years, 8 months ago

Thanks for the help!
RadioAktive 9 years, 9 months ago
What an interesting song!
Pain 9 years, 9 months ago
First missing sounds like 'correct is [...]' no clue otherwise though.
Va fan, intrige!
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