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D-Passion - Knocking Walls Down lyrics

Comin' through like a bus, like a tank, we knocking walls down! (2X)

Who's ready?

I've tapped into a new power
So I open my eyes
And what do I find?
I'm moving forward and everyone else is moving in rewind
I hope you don't mind
But the underground is mine!

Un-under, un-underground (?X)

For real
Let's get serious for a minute
Y'all didn't see it coming
Y'all didn't really understand what this movement was doing
We said that before, but now...
Wake up, people!

Wake up, people!

Y'all are not ready for this movement
Y'all are not ready
For real
Movement is moving from point A to point D
Like a tank, we knocking walls down

Un-under, un-underground (?X)
The underground is mine

Cover: D-Passion - Knocking Walls Down
  • Knocking Walls Down

  • Year
  • 2010

  • Genre

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  • Jun 21, 2010 by Imil

eddie 9 years ago
From what I can find on Google, this is an original source*
This may have a real source, but as now, none can be listed

*Meaning he made it himself
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I don't know what is worse now; the lies that fool me or the truth that hurts
robkwallace 9 years ago
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