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Fenix - Teaching Tommy lyrics

Okay, boys and girls
I'll do my best to explain everything as good as I can
So mommy and daddy will be proud when you come home with your fresh new songs okay?
Okay Tommy, you show me how you do it
No Tommy come on you don't got nothing to worry about man
I'll be here in the back of the classroom

So we got our clap
We got our snare
Now all we need is a: big, fat, kick

Come on man, you can't just take the Noise Provider kick
Heard that kick in a dozen songs man
And I don't really think the guy would like that, huh?

Okay, okay, show me another kick then

Now come on, Tommy, you don't take the hit-hard kick
Show some respect for the old guy's man
You are one lousy fellow man, let me tell you that

Now step aside, and let the teacher take over

Oh yeah Tommy, next time, try to be a bit more original okay?

Oh yeah Tommy

A big, fat, kick


Come on man

Now come on Tommy

Come on man

Cover: Fenix - Teaching Tommy
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