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Digicult - Out Of This World lyrics

Attention, attention
All crew members
Prepare for landing

The intensity of the gravitation
Will be maintained at the weighted moment of force G-7
Apply neurovascular tension
Ensure the automatic controls

It's not cosmic radiation
It's a reality
It's a reality that we'll see at first hand
There seems to be several things completely unexplained
For two years we've heard the electronic signals coming from this planet

Gravitational forces increasing rapidly!

Critical areas X, Y, Z
X, Y, Z [6x]

Perhaps our survival is possible somewhere else
Just as our sun had no more energy
you heard our message
- Yes
And another sister

What a strange ship

Cover: Digicult - Out Of This World
  • Out Of This World

  • Year
  • 2008

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Top achievedBETA
#2 Daily Psychedelic/Goa

From the movie Planet Of The Vampires (1965)
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