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Showtek - Black (Jack Of Sound Remix) lyrics

Fear, admire, worship, obey, respect, kneel, pray, believe, bow
Be afraid of black


It's that shadowy appearance you feel, but you can't see

Be afraid of... Black


It's above and beyond you since you've chosen this path
It conceals overpowering strength and durability to an unknown degree
It's that word that strikes fear, into your mind
It's like heading into a tunnel leading only to darkness
Giving you shivers down your spine
You've experienced it before
Like you've been captured by that shadow
Boundaries are there to be broken
So concur that deepest fear

It gives you something to believe in...
Or something to be afraid of...


Be afraid of black

Fear, that word


Cover: Showtek - Black (Jack Of Sound Remix)
  • Black (Remixes)

  • Year
  • 2010

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Mar 7, 2010 by Pain

igormyotis 10 years, 4 months ago
i lvoed this remix! listen 109218x per day, lol
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