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Dj Promo - Your Mother Sucked My Cock (And It Was Hell) lyrics

Hee, hee, hee!
You failed, McFeely
Your weapons are useless against me
Let us pray
Our Father who Art in Heaven--
Ha ha ha ha!
Stop it!
Hallowed be Thy name
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Zip it
Thy kingdom come
Your mother sucks cocks in Hell
Ha! Shit!
Ha ha ha ha!
Suck on this

Right about now
We're gonna show grandpa a little something
We go all around the world doing our little version of his old thing
And he say: "It don't be kickin', it don't be kickin'"
But right now, we gon' be kickin'!

Make it fucking louder! (?X)

Cover: Dj Promo - Your Mother Sucked My Cock (And It Was Hell)
  • Enemies 4 Life

  • Year
  • 2002

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  • Feb 27, 2010 by Imil

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