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Toneshifterz - Music Is My Way lyrics

You know
Music is my way
Of bringing pain to the surface
Music is my way
Of seeing the seed of success in every failure
But to see the seed of failure
In every success
Keeps us humble

Music is my way [2x]

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  • 2012

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"Our first hardstyle track as Toneshifterz in early 2009"

Derived from a quote by Mel Ziegler, the original quote being: "By seeing the seed of success in every failure we remain hopeful. By seeing the seed of failure in every success, we remain humble."
zup 13 years, 8 months ago
Ah, seems it was played in Fausto's Crossover somewhere in 2009 --> http://www.faustoscrossover.nl/2009/12/show-week-37-guestmix-by-toneshifterz-aus/
So it's legit after all :)
zup 13 years, 8 months ago
The vid you're providing is not an official preview, and I can't find any liveset it was played in... are you sure this is legit? For all we know now it's not even by Toneshifterz :p
(that aside, fixed lyrics and added likely source ;))
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