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16Bit - President Of Europe lyrics

You have to have an enemy image in order to have a society,
And that's a very dangerous thing,
Because now that means that the entire social order,
The political parties, intellectual life, politics in general,
All based on a monstrous myth...

It states, very clearly, that we must reduce the human population
From its current level of about six billion people,
Down to about one billion people.

So we got a bit of a problem, haven't we?

Er well yeah, yeah we do.

Yeah, yeah we do.
In fact it is a little more than a bit of a problem, isn't it?
On the scale of things you could say
It's the Mount-f**king-Everest of problems.
And the reason it's such a mon f**king-strosity of a problem is,
You don't have the first f**king idea who did this to us, haven't ya!

The necessity for a new world order...
Good evening, the British public
Will not be given the chance to vote,
On controversial changes, to how the European union is run.
And the commons denied home peace throughout
An attempt to hold a referendum on the EU reform treaty.
It opens the way for the creation of the President of Europe.

Cover: 16Bit - President Of Europe
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Genre: Dubstep

First two paragraphs from the 2007 documentary film by Peter Joseph; Zeitgeist, the Movie.

The three lines are exchanged between the characters Dog & John in the 1998 British crime film directed by Guy Ritchie; Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.
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