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Vincent De Moor - Eternity (Forever) (Digital Hardcore Remix by Track_tor) lyrics

Extinguishing foam
Fall back! everyone fall back!

They are all very much alive, each one sustained in a
Form of cryo so profound that seconds seem weeks
And to blink an eye is a day's work
The brain however, continues to function unimpeded
The mind continues to think and feel
Swarming with whatever dark thoughts it's trapped among with
As it will be for hundreds of years

Lady, your taste sucks

We will need to rouse a substantial pursuit force
All of them
Even the Golls, every man, woman or thing
That can hold a weapon! Every last one! Now!

  • Release
  • Art of Core - Day Five

  • Year
  • 2009

  • Genre

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From the animated movie 'Dark Fury' (2004)
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