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Ott - Scilly Automatic lyrics

It took animals apart
It took flowers apart
It took rocks apart
And then, when they got it reduced
To its tiniest pieces
They tried to find methods of taking those apart too
So that we could eventually discover
What the very smallest small things were
And hoping that that would lead us
To an understanding of how life works.
Man, himself, in all this was looked upon,
As a creation, something made.
Only, if you believe in the world
In accordance with the idea of the Fully Automatic Model
You've really got to admit that man, too,
Is fully automatic.
In other words, hes a machine rather than a person.
How do you do? I'm a person, I am alive,
I’m sensible, I talk, I have feelings.
But you wonder
Do you really, or are you just an automaton?

Looking out at a world that is strange
And that is not me.
I am, therefore, a brief interval of consciousness
Between the darkness and the darkness.
And that isn’t too happy.
I would like to be able to believe
That it was more than that.
If I could so, many of us say,
If I could only still believe that there is an
Intelligent and eternal god in whose eyes I am important
And who has the power to enable me to live forever,
That would be very nice. But, for many people,
That’s an extraordinarily difficult thing to believe.

Cover: Ott - Scilly Automatic
  • Blumenkraft

  • Year
  • 2003

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#1 Daily Ambient/Chillout

This is a bonus track on the CD.
Lyrics from a lecture by Alan Watts
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