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Androcell - Process of Unfolding lyrics

We experience the feeling that this body right
Here and now, is only a cross- section of a
Process that has been going on for
Four billion years on this section of space
(This section of space) [?x]

It's not a story about processes out of control
It’s a story, which gives honor
To every part of the unfolding experience
(Experience) [?x]

Stars wheeled overhead
And every day was as long
As a life age of the Earth

On this section of space [?x]

Cover: Androcell - Process of Unfolding
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  • 2006

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#1 Daily Ambient/Chillout

First section seems like it might be Robert Anton Wilson

Second section from a podcast, : Terence McKenna - †œLinear Societies and Nonlinear Drugs†

Guest speaker:

The third section from the movie Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (2002)
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