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Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) lyrics

Uh Oh
(Yeah) [3x]

Grimy, nasty, dirty dirty

Uh Oh
(Yeah) [?x]

Shake it up up rock your body and
Make it 'knock knock’ when you’re partying
Take a break right in the audience
Get your footwork, break and start again
I’m looking sharp, you can’t compete with the champ
Steady flickin, I’m holdin down that lawaway rock
Aye, rhinestones all in they face
Gold charms and paper chase
Talk smack from around the way
Gotta put these chicken heads in they place
I ain’t rockin no stupid bapes
Ain’t trippin, I’ll juke all day
Grimy, nasty, bogus turkey dirty dirty

Uh Oh
(Yeah) [?x]

Girl’s be so thirsty, thirsty
Fast forward to the end of the song
And say third verse me, verse me
When ever I hit the block I see
Tricks try to rehearse me, hearse me
From manicured sets to silky weave
They be so grimy, nasty, bogus germy dirty dirty

Uh Oh
(Yeah) [?x]

Cover: Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
  • Scion Sampler V. 22: Fool's Gold Remixed

  • Year
  • 2009

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Genre: Dubstep
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